White Feather
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This is the story of Atu, an ancient civilization pioneer who fled Atlantis before its destruction. Entrusted with sacred knowledge that had been encoded in a set of tablets, Atu buries the tablets and begins a twelve and a half thousand year journey into the future looking for his future self that would be alive during a time when the tablets would be discovered. Atu must connect with this future self and guide him into remembering the tablets and how to decode them. In his search for this future life, Atu finds himself connecting with several of his other future selves and he begins to see karmic threads develop. Only by going through all those other lives can Atu understand that future life he was trying to reach. From the land of the Maya to Ancient Egypt to Ancient Persia to Europe during the plagues to Greece and Troy to the American South to the windswept plains of the Lakota, Atu journeys across history in search of himself.
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